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Successful Fundraising Post GDPR

19 October 2017

Charities continue to play a vital role in our society. According to Charity Financials, in 2016, charities spent over £62.5 billion on their charitable activities, which equates to £171.4 million each day.  However, char... view more

Should cyber insurance be part of your GDPR compliance preparation?

06 July 2017

New research reveals that the raft of recent ransomware attacks which affected corporate giants including WPP, FedEx and telephonica has had very little impact on the cyber insurance market in the UK. Despite the fear factor ca... view more

Consumer concern grows over what happens to their data when they die

29 June 2017

The latest figures from the ICO reveal that consumers are becoming increasingly concerned by inaccurate data held on them by organisations. Last year it was the third highest complaint made behind queries on subject access and ... view more

Previous occupier fraud spiraling out of control

22 June 2017

New research reveals that record numbers of home movers are falling victim to identity fraud. Over the last year, what is termed 'previous occupier' fraud, which occurs when the new residents of a house hijack the identit... view more

AML, KYC and Deceased Identity Fraud: Are you compliant?

12 June 2017

Research shows that over half of pension providers have not tested their internal fraud controls for more than a year which is in breach of regulatory guidance that calls for internal controls to be reviewed “at least on an ann... view more


06 June 2017

Seemingly not a day goes by without another damning report outlining how woefully unprepared organisations are for the onslaught of GDPR, which is now less than a year away.

It appears that scaremongering is the order o... view more

The importance of deactivating social media accounts of the deceased

30 May 2017

The latest statistics show that 84 per cent of UK adults are social media users with at least one active account. And it’s not just the younger generations, a quarter of over 65s log into a social media account daily. There is ... view more

Tick tock - Are you ready for GDPR?

25 May 2017

With exactly one year to go until the dreaded GDPR comes into force. We review just a fraction of the research that has hit the headlines in the past few days:

ICO fines set to soar by 4500% warns Alchemetrics

<... view more

DMA provides GDPR advice for charities

16 May 2017

According to an article by Civil Society (15th May) The Direct Marketing Association has said that focusing purely on a fully opted-in consent model for fundraising is “not totally necessary”... view more

DM as easy as ABC

09 May 2017

When it comes to arguing for budget, accountability has always been a sore point for direct marketers. This is because direct mail is the only mass-media channel that does not have an official measurement standard. Magazines an... view more

Permission marketing: Understanding what data you can use when

25 April 2017

With GDPR now only a year and a month away, permission is increasingly becoming a watch word for marketers. Direct marketing, and particularly direct mail due to its personal nature and tangibility, will always be a powerful pa... view more

Good news for marketing

19 April 2017

Two pieces of good news for the marketing industry this week:

Firstly marketers have revised their budgets up in the first quarter of the year according to the latest IPA Bellwether report

And secondly, this tre... view more

Wonga attack means increase in deceased identity fraud

12 April 2017

The most recent data breach, which has been coined the worst to date, is estimated to impact up to 270,000 customers of payday loan company Initial investigations reveal that personal data including names, addresses ... view more

Why data management is now top priority for businesses

04 April 2017

New research reveals that nearly half of UK companies are not compliant with the 1998 Data Protection Act, let alone being anywhere near ready for the introduction of GDPR next year.

This latest study comes in the wake ... view more

Marketing to the deceased could cost fundraisers £267 million despite legacy donations being at an all-time high

7 March 2017

Following the ICO’s ruling that many charities are contravening the Data Protection Act through their use of wealth screening, data appending and data matching; fundraising professionals were due a bit of good news. And here it... view more

GDPR – Guidance on consumer consent

14 March 2017

A few weeks ago the ICO was very clear about how it defined permissions around profiling, data matching and data appending at the Fundraising Compliance conference in Manchester. In short, it finds how these practices are typic... view more

The impact of a rising life expectancy on marketing

02 March 2017

New research reveals that South Korean women will be the first in the world to have an average life expectancy above 90.

The study by Imperial College London and The World Health Organisation analysed the lifespans of 3... view more

Charity fundraising update

22 February 2017

Yesterday the ICO, the Charity Commission and the Fundraising Regulator held a joint conference to clearly set out the regulatory requirements and expectations for fundraising bodies and their boards under curr... view more

Countdown to GDPR

15 February 2017

With less than 500 days to go until GDPR comes into force a new research report reveals that less than half of UK businesses (47 per cent) have the faintest clue as to the new directive. For those of us at the coalface it seems... view more

Bad news for financial services and retailers - Identity fraud takes top fraud spot

07 February 2017

Identity fraud; where personal information is stolen and then used fraudulently to secure a loan or credit, is now the most prevalent form of fraud in the UK. The league table compiled by the Centre for Counter Fraud Studies at... view more

Deceased mail volumes set to soar in 2017

03 February 2017

According to research from data specialist Wilmington Millennium, mortality trends show that levels of 'deceased mail'... view more

Five reasons why direct mail will thrive in 2017

26 January 2017

The direct marketing industry, according to the latest IPA Bellwether Report, is in rude health; having not only realised greater investment by clients during the last quarter of 2016 but is also tipped by the panel  to grow si... view more

Prevention is better than a cure: deceased identity fraud

20 January 2017

This week a mother and daughter were released on bail after being found guilty of conspiring to commit fraud to the tune of £1.2 million.

... view more

Direct Mail left unscathed by DMC

10 January 2017

A new report from the Direct Marketing Commission, the body that oversees the DMA (Direct Marketing Association) reveals that direct mail is the most responsible form of direct marketing. 

The DMC received 230 complaint... view more

Why DM volumes are set to increase in 2017

20 December 2016

Shocking new research from Neilson reveals that half of online ads don’t reach their intended recipients. Obviously that means that one in two ads are served to someone that doesn’t fit the profile. In our minds that is the def... view more

The true cost of dirty data is a great deal higher than estimated

14 December 2016

Royal Mail has released new research into the cost of dirty data and its findings should send a warning to organisations that fail to keep their customer data up to date.

According to the resear... view more

Is Amazon about to become the don of direct marketing?

08 December 2016

Four years in the making, Amazon has announced its latest development, next generation grocery shopping. It is opening a physical supermarket in Seattle. But unlike its rival's stores in the sector it is totally checkoutless. U... view more

Do consumers really hate direct marketing?

29 November 2016

If you were anything like us you will have been overrun last week by direct mail, emails, Facebook alerts and tweets with offers from retailers trying to flog you their wares on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Seemingly this yea... view more

Why the recent trend for moving house could wreak havoc for marketers

23 November 2016

As 2016 draws to a close it seems that record numbers of people might be on the move as the cost of a mortgage reaches an historic low for both first time buyers and home movers, now down to 17.7 and 17.8 per cent of household ... view more


15 November 2016

Accompanying Trump on the front pages this week have been two more very public data hacks. The first breach affected Tesco Bank customers. Cyber-criminals stole £2.5million from the current accounts of 9,000 customers – the lar... view more

Trumps big data and his 34 million dollar need for suppression

01 November 2016

For the outsider the American election is as gripping as an outstanding TV drama. It is hard to believe it’s real!  And as the days tick down to next week’s polling there will inevitably be more plot twists and turns by both ca... view more

Putting the phone down on nuisance calls

25 October 2016

Which? consumer group, has over the weekend,  scored a massive victory over nuisance calls. New legislation which comes into force next year will mean that company directors of nuisance call firms will be liable for personal fi... view more

And then there was data hygiene

18 October 2016

This week the US celebrates all things direct marketing at the DMA’s annual conference (#andTHEN16), this year held in LA.

Unsurprisingly data has been high on the speaker agenda with almost everyone making the point th... view more

Trust and transparency key to future business success

11 October 2016

The ICO has launched a new code of practice for all UK organisations that collect and use customer data. This is the first guidance note since Elizabeth Denham took over from the previous ICO Christopher Graham.

It expl... view more

Call for the direct marketing industry to unite

07 October 2016

Direct Marketing magazine Decision Marketing is launching a campaign to reinvigorate the much maligned TPS. Sadly nuisance calls remain the blight of many UK consumers, with some people receiving as many as five calls per day d... view more

Are consumers really bewildered and fearful of data?

27 September 2016

New CIM research reported by the BBC this morning reveals that nine in 10 people have no idea what companies do with their personal information. It also found 57% did not trust the companies to handle their data responsibly and... view more

Why a bereavement process is crucial for UK firms

20 September 2016

Not content with losing customers through its very public data hack last year, mobile giant, TalkTalk is now looking to repel new business through shoddy customer service. As reported in the Sunday Times at the weekend the orga... view more

The Digital Economy Bill and what it means for Direct Marketers

13 September 2016

Today The Digital Economy Bill gets its second reading in Parliament. It had its first outing on 5th July, however, this stage was just formality and takes place without any debate. The second reading is the first op... view more

The Big Cost of Small Data

06 September 2016

A new study by Ground Labs has revealed that consumers are completely in the dark about how much personal information UK companies hold on them.

54 million people believe that fewer than 20 organisations hold their pers... view more

Why small data is as important as big data

30 August 2016

Whilst many of us were soaking up the welcome rays of summer sun over the long weekend it is likely that a nefarious group of individuals were taking advantage of the holiday to breach the security of some of the UK’s largest f... view more

Fundraising Preference Service Update

16 August 2016

Third Sector Magazine has discovered that rather than requiring charities to screen their mailing and call lists against the newly mooted FPS, the Fundraising Regulator intends to proactively inform charities if anyone that sup... view more


12 August 2016

The Citizen’s Advice Bureau and Trading Standards teamed up last month to raise awareness about the hundreds of thousands of pieces of scam mail that plague UK resi... view more

Empty nesters respond well to DM

03 August 2016

New stage of life research from Royal Mail reinforces industry perception that older generations respond well to direct mail. Specifically empty nesters, categorised as being aged between 55 and 64, are a particularly DM welcom... view more

ID fraud set to rise as O2 suffers credential stuffing

27 July 2016

Thousands of O2 customers stand to have their identities stolen as a BBC investigation reveals that its customer data is for sale on the dark web including phone numbers, email addresses and passwords. view more

DM bucks perceptions

13 July 2016

Recent research by our sister company, QuickPages revealed that when it comes to car insurance traditional media such as direct mail and the telephone are still extremely powerful and relevant despite the industry’s perception ... view more

Social Media contributes to deceased ID theft

06 July 2016

Cifas’ latest figures claim that identity theft has significantly risen since 2010. In particular young people are increasingly becoming victim and the fraud prevention body believes this is in part due to the huge amount of in... view more

ICOS Direct Marketing Guidance

01 July 2016

ICO Christopher Graham has officially handed over the office to his replacement Elizabeth Denham after seven years of holding the post. In that time he has been instrumental in helping to improve the perception of the direct ma... view more

What will the vote mean for data protection?

23 June 2016

Election day is upon us and we’ll soon know whether the UK has chosen to Brexit or Remain in the EU.  So what does the outcome mean for GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)?


 - If we chose to ... view more

Dear Sir or Madam, You are dead

14 June 2016

Last Week The Daily Mail reported two separate incidents of public sector organisations writing to families to say they were sorry to hear about their bereavement. The problem was the two people the letters were about, were ver... view more

Why donor data is the new oil

07 June 2016

Last week the Sunday Times called into question the use of direct mail as a fundraising tool for the third sector - this time not as a result of carpet bombing or poor targeting – but the percentage of income spent on the chann... view more

Direct mail is a great tool for SMEs

01 June 2016

Perception of direct mail as a marketing channel by the SME community is that it is an advertising medium for large organisations. They’d be forgiven for thinking this due to the bulk mail discounts offered by postal operators ... view more


26 May 2016

Pension Fraud is a hot topic at the moment. Savings are under threat from an increasing number of pension scams but even the pension minister has said she is powerless to stop fraudsters cold calling older people.

Polic... view more

Home movers on the increase, but does your data reflect this?

17 May 2016

According to a new report by The Connells Group the UK property market started 2016 at breakneck speed with even stronger and more buoyant activity than the positive sentiment seen during the final quarter of 2015.

The ... view more

2016 Rest in Peace

26 April 2016

It’s a macabre topic, but with another few celebrity deaths hitting the headlines in the last week 2016 has already been coined ‘The Year of Death’. In fact the BBC’s end of year obituary programme has been extended from 30 min... view more


21 April 2016

What would you do if you discovered that your partner wasn't who they said they were - they were in fact an undercover police officer and had used their relationship with you as a way to obtain intelligence. Unbelievable right?... view more

The amazing world of fraud-busting

13th April 2016

According to the BBC financial fraud losses totalled £755m last year in the UK. Worldwide that figure runs into the billions. ID fraud is now big business for scammers that are preying on us both on and offline. Another burgeon... view more

In, out, in out, shake it all about

7th April 2016

There's a right hullabaloo over the government's usage of tax payers money to send every household a pamphlet outlining their argument in 14 pages to stay in the EU. The £7 million price tag - an average of 34p per house - has ... view more

Spring cleaning

29th March 2016

Historically Easter was a time for spring cleaning - an opportunity to throw open the doors and windows, empty the house of its contents and give everything a thorough once over to get rid of the cloying wood smoke and soot in ... view more

Responsible marketing

22nd March 2016

The gauntlet has well and truly been laid down for the direct marketing industry. Consumers, the media and the government have made it very clear that if marketers want to continue to promote t... view more

Data Danger - The risks of data-fuelled marketing

9th March 2016

A PPI company has been hauled over the coals, unusually not for plaguing someone with unwanted calls, but with addressing a mailshot meant for Mr Alf Skelton to Mr Dick Head. It's the stuff of DM le... view more

Could dodgy DM tactics be the downfall of Cruz on Super Tuesday?

1st March 2016

The Trump effect means that across the pond, we’re more aware of the US election and its quite frankly bizarre path to the White House, than ever before. Ordinarily the Primaries make the inter... view more

It's life Jim, but not as we know it

24th February 2016

It’s that time of year again when the great and the good of the mobile industry decamp to Barcelona for Mobile World Congress. Metro strike notwithstanding, record numbers of delegates look set to make MWC 2016 the biggest yet.... view more

Targeting is everything

16th February 2016

In direct marketing, as we all know, targeting is everything. A misspelt name here, a stray mailing to someone that has moved there and credibility of the brand goes out of the window – not to mention wasted budget.

Las... view more

Super Bowl 50: Targeting is in the eye of the beholder

9th February 2016

Those of us involved in direct marketing know the old adage ‘right time, right place, right channel’ is absolutely vital for engendering customer engagement. And whilst it is applicable across the w... view more


20th January 2016

Last week’s Bellwether reported a second consecutive dip in DM budgets – but only a marginal fall at less than two per cent (1.7 per cent). For an industry that experienced such rude health last year with increases in both volu... view more

Does you marketing deliver incremental customer demand?

13th January 2016

“If you want to know what credit card companies think of you, look at your mail”

This was one piece of salient advice given to consumers by The Independent newspaper over Christmas. You can determine whether you are con... view more

The Rise of Corporate New Year's Resolutions: A New Year's Resolution You Can Keep!

7th January 2016

Today is proven to be the day that over a quarter of us will break our personal New Year’s Resolution. Whether it's one of the more common ones like going to the gym or eating healthily or slightly more obscure like learning a ... view more

A look back at the year that was... and our thoughts for the future

29th December 2015

As the year draws to a close we look back at the key trends and stories that defined 2015.

January: Loyalty came under the microscope as a report revealed that points took too long to accrue and customers were no longer... view more

We wish you a merry Christmas!

With only a few days to go until Christmas, we just wanted to wish everyone a very happy festive period. And to celebrate here is a round-up of some of our favourite Christmas over the years:


Panettone Pantone... view more

The rise of ransomware and id fraud

15th December 2015

Cyber crime is becoming more sophisticated. This week it was reported that The Independent played victim to a so called cyber ransom attack on its blog pages which tried to extort money from its readers. In short the malware in... view more

The Introduction of FPS: Prevention is better than a cure

8th December 2015

Yesterday saw the announcement of the introduction of the Fundraising Preference Service, which will become mandatory for all charities to screen against. The aim of the FPS is to act as a reset button for people who feel overw... view more

Deceased identity and mail fraud most popular crime

1st December 2015

During November we worked with Unlock, a charity for ex-offenders, to find out a little bit more about the issue of identity theft, which is one of the fastest growing crimes in the UK. Th... view more

Data Protection - are you ready for the ICO?

25th November 2015

Over the past few days the data industry has again been the subject of many a column inch within the national media as the ICO announces a new initiative to crackdown on unscrupulous marketing.

The Information Commissio... view more

Protecting the vulnerable this winter

17th November 2015

New statistics from National Trading Standards make painful reading for the legitimate direct marketing industry. Apparently, the number of names on the so-called ‘Sucker List’ have jumped by 40,000 since July to 240,000 people... view more

Should data come with a use by date?

10th November 2015

New research from Royal Mail Data Services reveals that less than half (40 per cent) of organisations’ customer data is out of date, obsolete, incomplete and ultimately unusable. This comes as no surprise as it is widely accept... view more

Direct Mail in 2016

4th November 2015

As we reported a few weeks ago in this blog direct mail is in rude health. WARC/AA recently released its latest figures which showed the third consecutive increase in mailing budgets and pundits are predicting this growth will ... view more

How do you solve a problem like a 15 year old hacker?

27th October 2015

So it looks like the organised, malicious, criminal gang behind the TalkTalk hack is actually a home-grown, 15 year old youth from the comfort of his bedroom.

If indeed it does turn out to be the teen from County Antrim... view more

Trust in marketing is in the eye of the beholder

30th September 2015

Neilsen’s Global Survey of Trust in Advertising is an interesting gauge of consumer attitudes towards marketing. This year’s study polled 30,000 people across 60 countries and produced a league table of the most trusted to the ... view more

England's life expectancy increases

14th September 2015

Whilst none of us like considering our own mortality, a new report by Public Health England, reported in today’s Guardian, has revealed that England’s life expectancy has taken a significant upturn since the 1990s, adding an ex... view more

Pension fraud – a growing problem

8th September 2015

In the US there are 6.5 million people (equating to nearly 10% of the UK) that have active social security records who are 112 years of age or older, despite the fact that there are only a few dozen people known to be that old ... view more

Laggards, not us!

1st September 2015

The British stereotype is very much of the stiff upper lip and reserved countenance, which would suggest that we'd be quite reluctant to try new things and resistant to change. But it seems we're qu... view more

Why charities need clean mailing lists now more than ever before

Another week, another knock for the third sector. To add to charity fundraisers’ woes now the ICO has ruled that charities must screen their telemarketing data against the TPS and CTPS before making any calls. They are not allo... view more

Carphone Warehouse Data Leak

12th August 2015

Another week, another data breach. This time it was the turn of Dixon's-owned Carphone Warehouse. 

Over the weekend the phone company admitted that the hack has potentially led to the theft of unencrypted, sensitive dat... view more

Hear! Hear! A big cheer for DM

4th August 2015

Over the last few months the direct mail industry has had little to be cheerful about given the efforts of the popular press to yet again vilify the medium.

However, despite this it seems DM has once again weathered the... view more

Innovation the handmaiden of progress

28th July 2015

We’re all up for innovation in the marketplace. After all innovation is the handmaiden of progress. And Royal Mail is doing all it can to increase the popularity and effectiveness of direct mail. The last few months have seen m... view more

Apple Pay Fraud: Prevention better than a cure for financial services

21st July 2015

So from last week we are now able to buy trolley loads of Percy Pigs from M&S and pay for them all with a mere tap of our phone. Mobile wallets have been on the cards for years, but with the launch of Apple Pay into the UK ... view more

Olive's Law

Following the tragic death of Olive Cooke earlier this year and a series of damning articles in the Daily Mail exposing the aggressive nature of some fundraising telemarketing agencies, it was no surprise that on Saturday the P... view more

18 million potential marketing complaints

8th July 2015

For those of us in the data industry, the latest ICO Annual Report made for an interesting read.

Headline stats revealed t... view more

We're so appy! And you can be too

30th June 2015

As you may already have read in the news and on Twitter, this week we've launched the first ever suppression app on Salesforce's hugely successful AppExchange. We're very excited as we think it could change the face of the supp... view more

How to buy a suppression file

17th June 2015

At Millennium Data we (obviously) like to think that everyone in the market for a suppression file would naturally want to buy one from us (because our files are top notch, and we’re nice people!) Be that as it may, we thought ... view more

The Salesforce Economy

9th June 2015

The phrase app store is synonymous with Apple, right? Right. But actually wrong. The tech giant has used it since it launched the iTunes App Store back in 2007, but the phrase was first created and trademarked by ... view more


2nd June 2015

At Millennium Data we like to think we have our finger on the pulse. We therefore weren’t too surprised when we found out we had stolen the march on CIFAS and its latest Fraudscape report which was released last week. Just two ... view more

And then there was one...

19th May 2015

Yet again Royal Mail becomes the only E2E postal distributor following last week’s announced withdrawal of TNT’s Whistl service in Liverpool, London and Manchester.

Will this impact the direct mail industry? In the shor... view more

The death of the catalogue? Not likely.

12th May 2015

Shop Direct announced this week that it was scrapping its traditional mail order catalogues in favour of eCommerce. The decision has allegedly been customer-led, with more and more people transitioning online. Yet despite the m... view more

The True Value of Data

5th May 2015

Last week saw yet another report about the value of consumer data, this particular one  from IPG’s Mediabrands Marketing Sciences,  a business “dedicated to decoding the science of marketing to deliver competitive advantage” th... view more

The deceased costs the US taxpayer billions

1st May 2015

Irish Water has caused significant upset by sending out a number of bills to deceased customers. The brand damage this error will cause is significant, particularly for an organisation that hasn’t proved overly popular with Iri... view more

Belle Weather for DM

23rd April 2015

2015 is shaping up to be a bumper year for direct marketers. 

The Bellwether Report, now in its fifteen year, records the sharpest rise for DM in the past few years. The medium has experienced a 5.7% increase over the l... view more

Ignorantia juris non excusa

17th April 2015

This week the ICO has announced plans to crack down on unscrupulous use of data. It is going on a mystery shopping exercise to sign up to websites, newsletters, email and direct mail call to actions... view more

April Fool - HMRC stymies charity fundraising

7th April 2015

Along with Marmite Clear, HMRC made a fool out of April the first. It was of course supposed to be the day the the tax man removed VAT exemption for charities on the design and distribution of direc... view more

Retention Fundraising

31st March 2015

April is a fallow month for charities – in fact the worst in the year for the third sector. It is the time of year that committed direct debit donors are most likely to lapse.


Research from Bloomerang reveals ... view more


27th March 2015

New research by DQM and Royal Mail out this month reveals that marketers don’t think that moving home or a death in the family are important life events for marketing. On a scale of 1-5 (1 not impor... view more

2015 set for another summer of discontent?

17th March 2015

Many of us will remember 2006 as the summer of DM discontent. Thousands of consumers marched on Parliament demanding that ‘junk mail’ was banned spurred on by the Daily Mail which published a series of damning articles under em... view more

Celebrating direct mail

10th March 2015

We all know the strengths of direct mail as a marketing tool. It's tangibility means that it can inspire recipients like no other channel. But with the smooth comes the rough. It is also probably also the most emotive medium an... view more

Home is sometimes where the heart is

4th March 2015

Research shows that when people move house charities are amongst the last organisations to find out, meaning they miss out on thousands of pounds of donations.

High up in the pecking order are financial institutions, ut... view more

Happiness is… a direct mail campaign

13th February 2015

As most of the direct marketing world will know, at the back end of January Royal Mail’s MarketReach launched its first ad campaign in three years to promote direct mail. The 'Mail Men' campaign, inspired by hit advertising sho... view more


3rd February 2015

On Sunday Night the Super Bowl becoming the most watched television show in US history pulling in 47.5 per cent of US households – or 114.4 million viewers. Katy Perry’s half time show drew an extraordinary 118.5 million people... view more

Marketers Get 'SMARTLINK' To 23 Million Forwarding Address Database

3rd April 2013

Following the successful launch of 'Smartdepart', data and targeting specialist, Wilmington Millennium, has now launched 'Smartlink', a brand new database that gives direct marketing firms access to the new addresses for 'gone ... view more